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Andrew L Rudd DDS MS PA

Chapel Hill Endodontics
Practice Limited to Conventional and Microsurgical Root Canal Therapy

Endodontist Chapel Hill, NC

We have made changes in our office to adapt to the new threats associated with the COVID-19 Pandemic..

Our primary goal is to provide exceptional care in a comfortable and safe environment.


When you arrive at our office we will take your temperature.   If you do not have a face mask, a face mask and gloves will be provided.   You will notice a big white ceiling mounted air purifier as soon as you walk in.   The air purifier is from Sweden and is made by LightAir.   It uses proprietary air ionizing technology that eliminates, virus, odors, mold and allergens from the air.  We have one of these commercial grade air purifiers in each treatment room.  We will make sure you are kept far from any other patients that may be in the office.


In addition, each treatment room has a special hood that drops from the ceiling and suction away air from the treatment area.   The air is then filtered through an E-Hepa Filter to removed any pathogens present.   The E-Hepa filter is another proprietary technology (Healthyair) design by (MIT) Massachusetts Institute of Technology Engineers. 


The air in treatment areas is cold fogged with 1:200 Hypochlorous Acid between patients .   This is a safe way of rendering the air and surfaces free of live virus.


In addition, we wear special face masks and change gowns between patients.   We have special barriers mounted on our treatment microscopes.   We believe these changes make our office uniquely safe for patient and workers alike.

Endodontist Chapel Hill, NC



Do you want to minimize the risk of getting the flu, cold or diarrhea this year and let you and your family to stay healthy? Then Lightair air purifiers are one of the best choices on the market.

Lightair IonFlow is as far as we know the only air purifier scientifically proven to prevent infection of airborne transmitted virus as well as eliminate the infectivity of viruses.

The 7-year long scientific study was carried out at Karolinska Institutet and Linköping University in Sweden and published in Nature Scientific, one of the most cited scientific journals in the world.


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